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You are smugglers and soldiers on the high seas. Each round, you'll roll and place dice to take the unique actions of your faction. Control regions and deliver cargo to gain Fame and win the game!

Play as the:

 • Bluefin Squadron, a company of sharks and their toothy friends, who keep order with shot and sword.

 • Mollusk Union, an alliance of undersea creatures and their loyal comrades, who fight to reclaim their home.

 • Smugglers, maverick captains who run blockades to deliver cargo to those with the most need - or coin.

Explore the seas. Make a unique map full of treasure troves, mighty currents, and dangerous wreckage, using deluxe double-layer tiles.

Grow your crew. Gain fantastic powers by recruiting new crew members, illustrated with unique art from Kyle Ferrin!


12 Region Tiles
4 Player Boards
1 Fame Track
19 Wooden Figures
17 Action Dice
11 Wealth Dice
2 Battle Dice
30 Market Cards
12 Plan Cards
5 Other Cards
25 Damage Tokens
20 Gold Tokens
20 Comrade Tokens
4 Fame Markers
4 Pledge Markers
4 Reward Markers
1 Rulebook
4 Player Guides

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45-75 minutes