Conquest: Spires vs Hundred Kingdoms - Two-Player Starter Set

Conquest: Spires vs Hundred Kingdoms - Two-Player Starter Set

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38mm Scale

More than six centuries have passed since the Fall of Eä. Humanity struggles to rebuild after that cataclysm and the Long Winter than followed. With the Hollow Throne empty, the Hundred Kingdoms remain embroiled in internecine warfare, as the Nobility covets the remnants of the Empire, while the Church grinds its teeth at the weakened Orders.

With mankind far from the glory and might of old, the enigmatic Spires exert their power for the first time in eons. Shedding a millennia of custom and practice, the merchant princes seek the wealth of lesser races, in an effort to break the stranglehold of power the Directorate and the Sovereign Houses exert. As the vicious games of these elders spill into the mortal realm, misery and warfare spread like a disease from theirdomains.

Grab a friend and dive into the world of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings with our Core Box Set! With proposed scenarios designed to ease you into the system of Conquest, the box contains three warbands and a commander unit for each faction, allowing two players to clash on the field. Whether you rally the might of the Hundred Kingdoms or command the twisted creations of the Spires, the objective is one and the same: Conquest.

Plastic components.


29 Spires Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Pheromancer
  ‣ 3 Brute Drones
  ‣ 1 Abomination
  ‣ 24 Force-Grown Drones
  ‣ 3 Objective Markers
40 Hundred Kingdoms Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Mounted Noble Lord
  ‣ 24 Men-at-Arms
  ‣ 12 Mercenary Crossbowmen
  ‣ 3 Household Knights
  ‣ 3 Objective Markers
1 Round Base (100mm)
7 Round Bases (54mm)
61 Round Bases (27mm)
24 Base Stands
104 Command Cards
12 Dice
2 Softcover Rulebooks
1 "Conquest the Next Step" Guide
Assembly Instructions

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.