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Dinosaur World

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The '90s are over. And the dream of dinosaur parks was interrupted after waves of class action lawsuits pushed parks like Dinosaur Island into foreclosure. But our collective memory is short, and now the world is ready for a new set of upstart entrepreneurs. These companies are eager to bring dinosaurs back to the world once again. It's up to you, our new park leaders, to create a world so toxically fun and enticing, the entire world will line up to get inside.

Welcome to Dinosaur World... a park set on an archipelago of stunning islands. Directors must arrange them in the best path for your spiffy, new park jeeps to plunder the depths of fun. Create brand new dinosaurs from DNA slices, visit thrilling new attractions, and enjoy zooming around this zany world.

Please make sure and stay true to your promise to keep fatalities at bay. You know what happened to the last owners...

1 Rulebook
3 Central Island Boards
1 Public Notice Board
1 Round Marker
1 DNA Dice Bag
9 DNA Dice
3 Danger Dice
1 First Player Marker
72 Workers
30 Herbivores
22 Small Carnivores
22 Large Carnivores
54 Metal Coins
40 Death Tokens
95 Boredom Tokens
4 Excess Security Tokens
4 Excess Threat Tokens
4 Excess VP Tokens
10 Worker Database Cards
18 Objective Cards
16 Attraction Tiles
30 Special Building Tiles
17 Dino Paddock Tiles
4 Lab Boards
4 Park Boards
4 Welcome Center Tiles
4 Jeeples
12 Objective Markers
48 Resource Markers
20 Route Tokens
20 Jeeple Bonus Tokens

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes