Exit: The Game - The Sacred Temple

Exit: The Game - The Sacred Temple

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Can you complete the jigsaw puzzles, solve the riddles, and stop the theft of the precious cultural artifacts from the temple?

Crooked treasure hunters have broken into the office of your university's archaeology department! Your professor has disappeared without a trace - and so has a book with old records about a hidden temple. You must act quickly and pursue the criminals into a mysterious jungle on a small island. Find your professor in time and save the revered treasures of the temple before they fall into the hands of the devious robbers!

In this EXIT game, there are riddles within riddles, hidden within four jigsaw puzzles. Each completed puzzle reveals a location containing more riddles to decipher. Over the course of the game, you will find strange items that must be used to solve the riddles in the puzzles.

4 Puzzles with 88 Pieces Each
12 Riddle Documents
2 Strange Items
1 Decoder Disk
1 Rulebook

Difficulty level: 3/5

Game Length:45-90 minutes

This game can be played only once, because you mark, fold, and tear the game materials.