Heroclix Event - Team Entry - Tag Team Turmoil - Sunday July 21st

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Only one purchase per team is required
Please notify Colosseum Games of the players names for each team once ticket is purchased.

Sunday, July 21st
Tag Team Turmoil
Format: 400 points Silver Age Theme Format.

Round 1 at 9:45am
Swiss Rounds then a Top Cut determined by number of teams

Each team member must build with a DIFFERENT keyword for their theme team. At least 200 points of each member's main force must be from sets that are NOT Modern Age Legal. Silver Age includes all the figures from Superior Foes of Spider-Man and newer. Figures in this format all have the dial printed on the back or front of the card. All figures on your force and sideline must share a PRINTED keyword. All game elements (including, maps, equipment, non-standard terrain, etc) across BOTH TEAMS are considered to be unique. Each sideline can contain up to 4 game elements (only up to 2 from Modern legal sets and up to 2 from non Modern Legal sets). To secure a Mission Point Victory, a team must accrue 30 Mission Points. Anything during the game that comes from outside of the game can break the unique rule.
We are using an unofficial (but potentially future) Silver Age ban list. The following figures and game elements are BANNED:
All Special Terrain Dials (Note that this does not apply to special terrain that does not have a dial)
All Special Terrain Dials (NOTE: this does not apply to special terrain that does not have a dial)
All ID Cards
WK MP-18 001 Blackbird resource dial
FFJW 004 The Penguin
ADW 067 Hawkeye
EAX 019b Vulture
XTAS 048 Jason Wyngarde
WW80 064 Scarab
XDPS 036b Legion
MSDP 029 Miss Minutes
FFFF 044 Molecule Man
JLU 005b Batman
XMRF 024 Dr. Moira MacTaggart
DCF4 001 Mr. Fantastic
SMBA 062 Carnage Silver Surfer
ORVL003 Dr. Claire Finn / Lt. Yaphit
AI G023 Eternity
FFAI G001 Giant-Girl
MSDP 050 The Scarlet Witch
New to the ban list:
All Tarot cards
WOV 048 Ghost Rider
SMBA 043b Spider-Man
AV60 049 Black Skull
AV60 050 Dark Phoenix
AV60 051 King Killmonger
AV60 052 Doom Supreme
AV60 053 Kid Thanos
AV60 054 054 Hound
AV60 055 Ghost Goblin
AV60 056 Iron Inquisitor
AV60 057 Thor
AV60 058 Mephisto
WOV 030 Blackheart
XMRF 005 Blackheart
BTU s003 Sinestro Corps Ring
WICNWKX-001 Kong
NOT 044 Nekron
BTU L060 World’s Finest
XMXS 053b Mad Jim Jaspers
WKM-M001 Search for Ammut’s Tomb
AFFE L017 Mockingbird
TREKRF 025 Ensign Ro Laren
TREKBG 010 Toreth
WWE 006 Sasha Banks
WWE 018 Big Show
XDPS 018 Senator Robert Kelly
XDPS 037 Colossus
ABPI 011 Ant-Man
ABPI 016 Winter Soldier
ABPI 021 Ayo
RE 020 Terra
SWB 023b She-Hulk
SWB 031 Alex Wilder
BTAS 013 Catwoman
These are coming off the ban list and are LEGAL for this event:
SVC s005 All-Black the Necrosword
XOSSLOP209 Apocalypse
XOSSLOP210 Genesis
XDPS G020 Dark Phoenix
HOX 051 Maggot
MSDP054 Sakaarian Iron Man
WW80 065 Sky Tyrant
SFSM 005 Thug
AFFE 069 Venom Magneto
Each team member must have a build sheet filled out, which can be found here:
https://docs.google.com/.../14yEa4wVnJZavbiWRYJTj.../edit... or you can generate a build sheet using HCUnits.net.
Each team member must have at least 1 Silver Age legal map and no more than 3 (one side of a map counts as 1 map). List of legal Silver Age maps:
When registering at the event you must choose one player to be player 1 and the other to be player 2. When paired up against a team both player 1s will play each other and both player 2s will play each other.
HOT TAG!!! - During the top cut, if the two teams previously played in the swiss rounds, each player must play against the opponent they didn’t already play.

Sign up on the WIN (only have ONE team member register): https://win.wizkids.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=303440
Full details to be announced later but we have:
2 Chase OP Kit Boosters for 1st Place
Convention Exclusives
Participation Prize
We will have an overall Fellowship winner on Sunday and extra prizes and giveaways throughout the weekend!!! We want players to embrace the wrestling theme of the event! Come up with a cool tag team name for your team, wear your favorite wrestling merch/cosplay, or anything else you can think of! The more creative the better! 
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