Marvel United Core Box

Marvel United Core Box

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New threats emerge across the world as Super Villains sow discord, seize power, and crush ordinary people beneath their heels. What hope remains in a world where their master plans go unopposed? But where the powerful Villains rise, so too do mighty Heroes! They'll travel the world in a desperate struggle to protect the innocent, face down dire threats, and confront these Villains, once and for all.

In Marvel United, players must work together to stop the plans of an evil Supervillain. They will use each hero's custom deck of powers and abilities, playing off the strengths of one-another for added effect, as they try and finish missions and take out the villain before it's too late. They'll battle in locations all around the city. In the end, either the city will be saved, or the world will be doomed.

7 Hero Pieces
  ‣ Iron Man
  ‣ Captain America
  ‣ Black Widow
  ‣ Hulk
  ‣ Captain Marvel
  ‣ Ant-Man
  ‣ Wasp
3 Villain Pieces
  ‣ Red Skull
  ‣ Ultron
  ‣ Taskmaster
84 Hero Cards
3 Villain Dashboard
36 Master Plan Cards
18 Threat Cards
8 Locations
1 Mission Guide
3 Mission Cards
3 Challenge Cards
156 Tokens
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 40 minutes