Sentinel Comics RPG: Core Rulebook (Special Edition)

Sentinel Comics RPG: Core Rulebook (Special Edition)

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Bound in high-quality leather with embossed foil ink on the cover, the Special Edition rulebook is a classy companion for your tabletop gaming experience. It also features exciting hero and villain art on the inside front and back cover pages, as well as four ribbons sewn into the binding, for keeping tabs on pages you frequently reference.

Villainy Knows No Bounds!

Nefarious villains from this world and beyond bring forth multitudes of minions, portentous plots, and devious doomsday devices! The entire world is in danger!

Who can stand in their way? You can. You're a hero. You and your fellow heroes take up the cause, fight for what's right, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Sentinel Comics RPG brings superpowered action and comic book intrigue to your table!

This complete core rulebook contains:

• Easy to learn rules for playing the game!

• Hero creation to give your characters powerful abilities and interesting stories!

• In-depth information for creating your own stories and threats!

• Two playable adventure issues that can be run right out of the book!

• Dozens of pages of heroes, villains, minions, lieutenants, and environments from the pages of Sentinel Comics!

• And more!